Our Customer of the Week responded to our quote to say that, as often happens, she had already found a flight on United Airlines for her unaccompanied minor. After she heard our quote, she replied that she would contact us in the future.

Since we knew the age of her child, the airports she would use and dates, we thought that she could pay less for those flights. We texted her back that she could save $250 if she changed her flight. Most parents at this point just think either it’s not possible or that it’s just too much trouble to change.

Just for everyone to know, all airlines have a 24-hour window after the time of booking to get a full refund for the ticket purchased.

Part of this customer’s impatience and the rush to buy the tickets so quickly is that she didn’t think there was an alternative to paying the $300 unaccompanied minor fee with the one-stop flights she found.

But we found nonstop flights for her child without requiring the pricey airline unaccompanied minor assistance fees! She and her husband had perhaps seen these flights online but assumed that they would also have to pay the fee with these flights and since the airfare was a bit more expensive, they went with United.

But our Customer of the Week, Brandice Chidester, actually cancelled her flight with United and booked with us! Think about, in a matter of an hour, she and her husband made $250!

Kudos to our Customer of the Week for trusting us! For that they won a discount on the purchased ticket in addition to the savings of $250!