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As the owner of WeFlyKIDS, I’m excited to get our blog started with some useful information for all the parents, grandparents and others who are either starting the process of finding a flight for their child to fly alone this summer or even those who have been doing it themselves for years, but are looking for ways to minimize time and money finding the best deal out there and booking the flight itself.

As many of you already have found out, airlines have the right to set the rules and fees for their own unaccompanied minor service. Although some of them do in fact have the same rules and fees for flying children, there are others who do not. Knowing about these differences can save parents hundreds of dollars in addition to possibly getting their kids on more desirable flights. Another difficulty that the airlines haven’t figured out how to make it easier to book flights for kids to fly by themselves is that the online travel sites like Kayak, etc. don’t allow you to book a flight for unaccompanied children flying alone.

In my next blogpost, I’ll write about a recent request from one of our customers and how we were able to help.

Thanks for reading!

~ Adam ~

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